Waste Not Want Not – Make the Most of Whatcha Got!


This girl is on a budget and on a mission to make sure I use up all of the resources I have.  Something I struggle with is not knowing what to do with all of the piled up bottles of shampoos and conditioners I’ve tried that just didn’t work out! So I went online and found these really cool tips on how to make use of all of that extra stuff!

For those leftover shampoos that just didn’t work out:

1. Use as laundry detergent… especially good for lingerie!

2. Put it in a soap dispenser and use as hand soap!

3. Use it as a cleaner for your makeup brushes!

4. Pre-treat harsh stains!

5. Keep it and use to remove carpet stains or upholstery spills!


As far as those leftover conditioners, just combine them into one bottle and use the concoction as a shaving gel.  I tried it and I loves it!

What other uses do you have for leftover shampoos and conditioners?  Please share!

Love ya SteelDolls!



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