free_8405983Taking spoken word in one language and orally reproducing it in another language

Anabel offers interpreting services for phone, consecutive, escort and community interpretation in Spanish and English.

Anabel has over 12 years of interpreting experience.  She first started interpreting phone calls for police officers, detectives, and 911 Call Center supervisors while working as a 911 Specialist for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.  Not only did this require passing a rigorous background check, but it also required the passing of a language assessment test to ensure that her language abilities were at native level.

She left the department to pursue her Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.  During that time she held a full-time position at Safenest, a shelter for women and children who are victims of domestic violence.  This not only required an extensive background check, but a rigorous interview process to ensure that she was qualified to work with highly sensitive information while providing shelter residents the assistance and care needed. Often times this meant drafting, translating, and interpreting emergency protective orders, doing case intakes orally in Spanish while writing down the case information in English, accompanying monolingual Spanish-speaking residents to court or to interviews, and sometimes just listening and providing monolingual Spanish residents added comfort by communicating with them in their own language.   

Because Anabel is a US born citizen, and NOT a naturalized citizen, she has qualified for wire-tap certification in the state of California, got certified as Title III Linguist through the DEA, and currently has a security clearance through DHS to interpret for immigration related cases. She’s had the privilege of serving as a guide interpreter for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and regularly travels to Anaheim, California where she interprets for political asylum interviews.

When she is not out in the field interpreting, she does phone interpreting for a wide variety of healthcare professionals throughout the United States ranging from emergency room triaging, to interpreting for a woman about to give birth, and everything in between, she’s pretty much heard it all.

If what you need is an interpreter who knows how to deal with highly stressful, sensitive, or unusual circumstances with the utmost professionalism and confidentiality, then Anabel is the perfect interpreter for you.

Voice Samples
Anabel translated the scripts for the following podcasts from English to Spanish, then recorded the Spanish versions. Click on the selections below to listen to the samples.  These were done for the Bar Association of San Francisco‘s Lawyer Referral Service.

Derecho Familiar LGBT

Derecho Inmobiliario

Derecho Laboral

Lesión Personal


  • Phone: USD$2/minute, minimum of 5 minutes, long distance charges incurred by client
  • Average for consecutive, escort/guide: USD $150/hour, minimum 2 hours

Rates will vary according to project.

  • She is always open to new projects or projects that do not fit into the aforementioned descriptions.
  • Please feel free to contact her with any questions, comments, or potential projects.


or call: 415 944 8194