Anabel Granados has been my professional translator for projects for the last two years, including doing the translation work for upcoming children’s book “Buenas Noches Capitán Mamá” seen here: www.captainmama.com. I highly recommend her for ANYTHING you need, including translation of legal documents which she’s done for years.

Graciela Tiscareño-Sato


I highly recommend Anabel Granados for Spanish-English interpretation services.  I recently worked with Anabel on a case at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, Los Angeles Asylum Office.  Finding a professional and competent interpreter was of paramount importance to my client due to the high stakes and sensitive nature of the case.  Anabel fit the bill.  Anabel displayed a mastery of Spanish-English interpretation.  In addition, Anabel’s warm and professional demeanor allowed her to quickly build a rapport with my client and improve the experience for everyone involved.  I look forward to working with Anabel in the future.

Nathan W. Ganong
Attorney at Law
Bankston Immigration Law Office

“Anabel Granados has worked with the Volunteer Legal Services Program (VLSP) as a volunteer interpreter for three years. Founded by the Bar Association of San Francisco in 1977, VLSP is a nonprofit organization, which provides free legal and social services in a holistic approach to helping low-income people. Volunteer interpreters serve an essential role in facilitating these services as we serve a linguistically diverse population.

Over the years, Anabel has interpreted for cases dealing with custody, dissolution, domestic violence, eviction defense and collection defense. Her responsibilities have included coordinating meeting times between the attorney and the client, interpreting for the client during these meetings and advocating on behalf of the client. Her contribution to these cases has been instrumental in allowing low-income clients access the legal services they need.

Anabel has really proven herself to be a compassionate and dedicated volunteer. I am very impressed with her ability to work under pressure and handle sensitive issues, especially with regards to domestic violence. When called upon, Anabel is always ready to step in at the last minute and often volunteers her lunch hour during her regular work hours.

Our staff has been very pleased with the level of professionalism and compassion Anabel has brought to her interpreting, and she is a wonderful asset to our organization and a strong advocate for social justice.

Without Anabel, many of our monolingual clients would not be able to communicate with their pro bono attorneys in court. Recently, Anabel interpreted on a consumer case involving a disabled, single-mother. Anabel appeared in court to interpret and handled herself professionally on one of our most challenging cases. The client had a positive outcome as a result.

Competent, professional and compassionate – Anabel brings all of these qualities to our volunteer organization. She has gives our clients a voice, empowering them and helping them find their way through the complicated legal system.”

Tiela Chalmers
Executive Director
Volunteer Legal Services Program
Bar Association of San Francisco

“We have been working with Anabel Granados for almost two years. She is always willing to accommodate our requests even the ones with fast or almost “impossible“ turnaround times. She is a reliable and very professional translator. To work with Anabel is to know that you projects will run smoothly and accurately.”

Adriana Fernandez
Director of Operations
Translation Source

“Anabel Granados has served all of our business translation needs for nearly two years. She is accurate, reliable and professional. She has excellent fluency in both languages, including the ability to select the correct translated phrase to best convey the intended meaning from the original language. We look forward to continuing her service with us.”

Barry Quiat
Chairman and CEO
Qameo Corporation

“Anabel Granados is a professional English<>Spanish translator working in a variety of fields. Besides her superb knowledge of both English and Spanish languages, she has experience and skill to translate texts on totally different subjects: she did an equally excellent job on translating legal documents, marketing materials and scientific papers. Anabel has always been very fast to respond, easy to communicate with as well as very punctual and always on time. She can easily handle volume translations and rush projects.”

Catherine Neyman


I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your services on our voice-over project. The client was extremely impressed with your Spanish talent, the recording sounded extremely professional. As an agency based in TX, we work with many Spanish translators and we were amazed at the level of class and elegance in your pronunciation and dialect.

On the recording, I wasn’t very clear in my instructions about which parts were in Spanish. Mistakes happen. The hallmark of a good company is they quickly and cheerfully fix mistakes. You did exactly that. Starting with the initial contact to the end of the project it has been a great experience and we hope to collaborate with you on future projects.

Thank you for your time and efforts.”

Samantha R. Slade (Project Manager)
Translators USA