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JackHammerAbs_FINALS_91413-393-e1434610908970-683x1024My smile says it all.  I’m a woman with a newly discovered passion for life.  It hasn’t always been that way.  I was in an abusive marriage for twelve years.  I was at least sixty pounds overweight and had damaged by body so badly that I went into shock and I required emergency surgery.

My father passed away… and then I was mugged while walking to the Lake Merritt BART station in Oakland.  That became a defining moment for me;  that was a wake up call.

I slowly began my journey of transformation and self-discovery.  I found a determination and drive to change myself into a person that I could admire and be proud of.  I took up the Israeli Fight System Krav Maga.  I found my way back to my singing and my music.

I slowly began to help people through my translation and interpreting skills taking on volunteer cases for the Bar Association of San Francisco.  Most of all, I broke away from my toxic marriage and embarked on my journey to freedom and happiness. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site.  Feel free to wander around, ask questions, and make suggestions about what you would like to see.  I’m here to share as much as I can so that maybe I can make a difference to someone who is as lost as I once was.  Love ya tons – Anabel

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