“Anabel Granados has worked with the Volunteer Legal Services Program (VLSP) as a volunteer interpreter for three years. Founded by the Bar Association of San Francisco in 1977, VLSP is a nonprofit organization, which provides free legal and social services in a holistic approach to helping low-income people. Volunteer interpreters serve an essential role in facilitating these services as we serve a linguistically diverse population.

Over the years, Anabel has interpreted for cases dealing with custody, dissolution, domestic violence, eviction defense and collection defense. Her responsibilities have included coordinating meeting times between the attorney and the client, interpreting for the client during these meetings and advocating on behalf of the client. Her contribution to these cases has been instrumental in allowing low-income clients access the legal services they need.

Anabel has really proven herself to be a compassionate and dedicated volunteer. I am very impressed with her ability to work under pressure and handle sensitive issues, especially with regards to domestic violence. When called upon, Anabel is always ready to step in at the last minute and often volunteers her lunch hour during her regular work hours.

Our staff has been very pleased with the level of professionalism and compassion Anabel has brought to her interpreting, and she is a wonderful asset to our organization and a strong advocate for social justice.

Without Anabel, many of our monolingual clients would not be able to communicate with their pro bono attorneys in court. Recently, Anabel interpreted on a consumer case involving a disabled, single-mother. Anabel appeared in court to interpret and handled herself professionally on one of our most challenging cases. The client had a positive outcome as a result.

Competent, professional and compassionate – Anabel brings all of these qualities to our volunteer organization. She has gives our clients a voice, empowering them and helping them find their way through the complicated legal system.”

Tiela Chalmers
Executive Director
Volunteer Legal Services Program
Bar Association of San Francisco

Tiela Chalmers, Executive Director, Volunteer Legal Services Program, Bar Association of San Francisco